High Rock Farm/Scott Brook – Cumberland

  • High Rock Farm Preserve/Scott Brook Conservation Area/Tucker Field
  • Mendon Road, Cumberland, RI
  • Trailhead:  41°57’48.70″N, 71°26’25.42″W
  • First Time Hiked: April 15, 2013
  • Last Time Hiked: September 24, 2017
  • Approximate distance hiked: 2.5 miles
  • Easy with slight elevation.


This hike starts at the extreme northeasterly corner of the parking lot at Tucker Field across from the Cumberland High School. You will notice a red blaze on a post. First follow the red blazed trail. Just after the power lines the red blazed trail turns to the right, continue straight onto the white blazed trail. This trail winds through the Scott Brook Preserve passing several small streams. At the end of the white trail stay to the right and follow the red blazes for a little bit until you see the blue blazed trail on the left and ahead. Here at this intersection is one of the properties highlights. It is a corn crib, a large metal silo. Next, follow the blue blazes up and over a significant hill and into the meadow. Here are several birdhouses that are built to attract bluebirds. From here retrace your steps along the blue trail. You will see the red blazed trail once again to the left. Follow it back to Tucker Field.

Trail map for High Rock Farm only can be found at: High Rock Farm

Cart Path At High Rock Farm

Cart Path At High Rock Farm

  1. I spent many years there as a wee child. Fabulous memories….

    • Diana
    • October 11th, 2016

    I spent a couple years living on High Rock Farm…I have wonderful memories of being there.

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