Fogland Marsh – Tiverton/Little Compton

When I left Providence it was hot, humid and the temperature was about 85 degrees. There were thunderstorms forming to the north heading south. I made my way to Ruecker Wildlife Refuge along the shores of the Sakonnet. When I got there it was still quite sunny, so I decided hiking was “a go”.  When I finished that short hike I decided to head to Fogland Marsh for some additional walking. When I arrived it was 67 degrees, partly sunny, and there was a strong breeze coming ashore. One of the things I love about living in the Ocean State, 30 miles south of the city its 20 degrees cooler on any given summer like day. To get to the preserve you must come in from Tiverton. Most of the walk however is in Little Compton. The entrance to the preserve is rather tricky. Shore Road ends and becomes a rather treacherous rock road. In the distance there is a sign for the preserve. From the car it is a short beach walk to the estuary. Along the beach there are thousands of shells. There is also fenced off areas where piping plovers are nesting. At the estuary I took a couple of pictures of the marsh and of the dunes with flowers that were in bloom. I then made my way back to the car. As I was leaving, typical New England weather was in the making. To the north, I could see the beginnings of thunderheads growing and to the south was a dense and ominous fog moving up the Sakonnet River, but it was still sunny above.

Fogland Marsh

Fogland Marsh

  1. May 22nd, 2013

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