Jerimoth Hill – Foster


This hike might take the distinction of being the shortest one thus far, but it is one of the most significant. People travel all over the country to climb to the highest points in each state. Rhode Island may have the easiest. It is a short trail having a round trip of around a 1/3 of a mile. It starts on the south side of Rhode Island Route 101 just east of utility pole #212 and is well marked. Keep in mind though that the access trail is on private property and is available to use between 8 A.M. and 6 P.M. only. There is a small parking area across the street. At the end of the trail is a clearing and just off to the right is an outcrop. This is the highest point in Rhode Island topping out at 812 feet above sea level. There is a strongbox here to sign in and write a little something if you choose. For those interested, there is a set of geodetic survey disks along the trail and they are very well marked.

The Highest Point In Rhode Island

The Highest Point In Rhode Island

    • Paul Beaulieu
    • March 29th, 2014

    This is a great reference guide to R.I. and other nearby trails. The map links and photos are great. You include lesser known properties like Snake Den and Neutaconkanut Hill. I couldn’t find a description for the Walkabout Trail in the George Washington Management off Rt# 44 west of Chepachet R.I. It’s a nice 8 mi. loop, with cutoffs for smaller hikes.

    • Thank you Paul… I do have the Walkabout on my list for future hikes. I will likely be doing that in the Summer/Fall of 2014.

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