Brenton Point – Newport

I kept an eye on the radar all day before finally deciding to venture to the coast. Southern New England has been experiencing a rather warm and muggy stretch of weather as of late and there was plenty of rain and scattered thunderstorms all afternoon throughout all of the area.  When I arrived at Brenton Point the weather was just downright “weird”. A dense fog hovered over the Atlantic Ocean and Lower Narragansett Bay as the sun was shining above. By the time I left, dark clouds had gathered and it started to sprinkle. I parked my car near the entrance to the lot. I then walked across the street and followed the seawall southerly along the coast. Jamestown and the Beavertail Light to the west and Castle Hill to the north were nothing but a faint silhouettes through the fog. I ventured down the stairs near the jetty to take some pictures. There were several gulls and cormorants here.  I then continued walking along the seawall around the point and then in easterly direction passing an area of rocks where there was people fishing. I continued walking, coming across some young rabbits near two large shrubs, then passing the end of the seawall until I reached the entrance of the King’s Beach Fishing Area. (There is a sign here.)  I then followed the road to the point passing several shrubs that were bearing red berries and were full of birds. After lingering at the point for a bit, I retraced my steps along the shore and seawall until I was opposite the road that leads to the park headquarters building. I crossed the street and made my way to the building. (As a side note, there are restrooms here). I then followed the grass and gravel road past the building until I came to the abandon stables. There are several other grassy paths in the area off of the main road, but I opted to continue straight until I came to the stables. Some people believe that the stables are haunted. Just before the stables there is a path that leads to the right. I followed that path to its end to a stone observation tower. The tower has been tagged quite a bit with graffiti but the view from the top is rather decent. I then found my way out of the area by retracing my steps back along this path, taking a right, passing the stables, and taking a left to an open field where some kids were flying kites. I then crossed the field to the parking lot and to my car.

I did not find a trail map online.

From Brenton Point Looking West

From Brenton Point Looking West

    • littlerhody
    • July 15th, 2013

    Why do people think the stables are haunted?

  1. Awesome black and white photo with the red berries. Great contrast.

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