Hungry Hill – Coventry/West Greenwich

  • Hungry Hill – Big River Management Area
  • Harkney Hill Road, Coventry, RI
  • Trailhead: 41°39’54.21″N, 71°37’7.17″W
  • Last Time Hiked: July 12, 2013
  • Approximate distance hiked: 2.9 miles
  • Easy with slight elevation.


This was my first venture into the Big River Management Area. I had bought a Great Swamp Press map of the management area a while back and found several potential hikes. Hungry Hill seemed to be a good start. Starting from the parking lot at Zeke’s Bridge Fishing Area I crossed Harkney Hill Road to the beginning of the trail next to utility pole #36. Following the trail into the woods I took a left at the first split and started the climb up the hill. The trail to the right I would return on. Continuing up the hill there are a couple trails to each side. I continued straight until the trail ended at a “T” intersection. At this point you are about a half mile in and most of the significant climb is done. I then followed the trail to the right heading in a southerly direction. This is the higher trail of the two main trails. This is a long and peaceful wooded section of trail with the summit of Hungry Hill to your left. (There is no actual trail to the top of the hill.) As you approach the end of the trail you can start to hear the buzz of traffic. Interstate 95 is ahead. At the end of the trail is another “T” intersection. I turned right going downhill for a rather short distance, then right at the bottom of the hill heading now in a northerly direction along the lower trail. This trail continues downhill and toward Big River. There are some rather low and muddy spots along the way after a rainy day and can be buggy. There are a couple of loop trails to the left off the main trail that bring you to the rivers edge. Unfortunately, I did come across some areas of trash and litter on the lower trail, but that aside, this was a nice walk. Continuing north along the lower trail I came to the first split and then retraced my steps along the entrance trail and back to the car. I did come across several frogs here. I did not see the bear that was spotted in this area last week.

Trail map can be found at: Hungry Hill

A Trail At Hungry Hill

A Trail At Hungry Hill

Big River

Big River

    • littlerhody
    • July 15th, 2013

    You are just looking for that bear, aren’t you? LOL

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