Queens River – Exeter

A beautiful and cool morning stroll after a week long heat wave. Starting from a small parking area along School Land Woods Road, I followed a gravel road into the preserve through areas of thick woods. Two roads split off to the left. The first heads into a field and the second heads south towards Howards Trail. I would take the second after following the entrance road to the bridge at Queens River first. At the bridge there is a sign noting the preserves boundary. The other side of the bridge is private property. Retracing my steps back to the”second road on the left” I turned right and followed it a way through some more wooded area until I reached a split to the right. Along the way there was a small cemetery on the right with graves dating to the 1800’s. On the left of the road was a stone wall with a large field beyond it. At the split I turned right onto Howards Trail. It meandered a bit up and down small hills until it reached the Queens River once again. After spending a few moments here I then retraced my steps back to the car. I saw and heard many birds here and saw only a chipmunk.

Trail map can be found at: Queens River

Howards Trail

Howards Trail

Turks Cap Lily (Lilium Superbum)... thank you Auntie Beak for the identification.

Turks Cap Lily (Lilium Superbum)… thank you Auntie Beak for the identification.

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