Sowams Woods – Barrington

The Barrington Land Conservation Trust owns this nice little and well maintained 12 acre parcel wedged between Washington Road and Echo Lake. Though the walk is rather short, it makes for a pleasant half hour getaway. The trails are also very well marked. The main entrance seems to want to be on Washington Road itself, however around the corner on South Lake Drive (the narrow road along the country club property) there is a very small parking area at a trailhead. Starting there I followed the very narrow red trail to the first intersection. i then turned left and up a set of stairs onto the blue trail through areas of low ground cover until I got to the green trail. I then followed the green trail straight through an area of a pine needle covered path with towering trees. The green trail then turned to the right (orange trail was to the left) and I followed it to its end. I then turned left onto the red trail and right onto the purple trail. I followed the purple trail as it very slightly climbed up and down to its end with Echo Lake to the left along the way. The car was parked less than a hundred feet west of the end of the purple trail. I did not see much of any wildlife except for many birds.

Trail map can be found at: Sowams Woods

Echo Lake in Barrington

Echo Lake in Barrington

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