Carr Pond – West Greenwich

  • Carr Pond – Big River Management Area
  • Hopkins Hill Road, West Greenwich, RI
  • Trailhead: 41°37’51.32″N, 71°34’16.41″W
  • Last Time Hiked: August 2, 2013
  • Approximate distance hiked: 3.7 miles
  • Easy with slight elevation


This hike was my second venture into the Big River Management Area. It was a perfect summer day and this was a perfect hike for the day. Starting from a parking area on Hopkins Hill Road I took the trail to the right into the woods. The path descended down toward the pond passing an old rusty car and an area of swamp before reaching the main loop trail. The path generally goes straight following red blazes (there are several other color blazes along the way and side paths, be sure to follow the red). When I reached the main loop trail I decided to follow it to the left. The loop, an old dirt road, is well traveled and quite wide. You will want to follow this around the pond. There are several paths and trails leading away from the pond to the left of the main trail. I would advise not to wander too far without a map or a GPS device on these trails. Big River has an immense network of unmarked trails. The paths leading to the right of the main trail lead to areas overlooking and along the shores of the pond. Some even lead to small beaches. (No swimming allowed here). The views of the pond at these trails are spectacular. After checking some of these trails I continued along the main trail, passing some old stone structures and pipelines, until I reached the trail I entered the area on. It is marked with a large boulder on each side of it and at the time of this hike marked with several orange arrows. I then followed this trail back to the car. (Remember to follow the red blazes) I came along several butterflies on this hike as well as birds and squirrels.

Trail map can be found at: Carr Pond

Along The Ponds Edge

Along The Ponds Edge

On The Trail

On The Trail

    • Linda
    • December 1st, 2013

    Some real awesome story telling about your adventures. I enjoyed reading all of them. Im a triathlete in my off season and I have just begun my own journey {s}. Ok so I have alot to learn about compasses and trail blazes. I hiked the JB Hudson trail and got quite lost. I hiked Beach Pond, also getting lost and winding up at the top of Eschaheag Rd….a 4 1/2 mile trek back to my car. I look forward to my lost moments though.

  1. Thanks… someone told me a while back you must get lost once in while to find your way…

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