Narragansett Pier – Narragansett

There is a nearly mile long seawall from Narragansett Town Beach to State Pier 5 that overlooks the southern end of the bay where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. It is also a spot to watch the sunrise (or the full moon) over the water. This morning I decided to walk here to take advantage of that opportunity. It was a spectacular view indeed on this beautiful August morning. From this location I could see the Beavertail Light at the southern end of Jamestown as well as Breton Point in Newport and the Newport Bridge loomed over the horizon.  I parked the car near the end of Ocean Road at Boston Neck Road and walked southerly passing the infamous Narragansett Towers and passing the Coast Guard House restaurant that is still under major renovations after last years Hurricane Sandy. Below the seawall there are several (maybe hundreds) of “balanced rocks” along the rocky shore. I then walked out to the State Pier where there were several early morning fishermen. I then turned around retracing my steps, pass the car, and then northerly toward the town beach. Early morning surfers were making the best of the beautiful morning. I took a few pictures of the sculptures here before returning to the car.

Summer Sunrise

Summer Sunrise

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