Wickford Village – North Kingstown


Wickford is one of the oldest villages in the United States and offers a ton of history and architecture. Most locals drive through the village with not much thought of it. To truly appreciate what Wickford has to offer one should park the car and go for this short and easy walk through yesteryear. I started at the public parking area at Brown Street. (Parking was very easy on a Sunday morning at sunrise, however parking here may test your patience during peak tourist season). I followed the seawall along the parking area before heading southerly on Brown Street to the bridge at Boston Neck Road that overlooks the cove. I then headed back to Brown Street following it northerly past several small retail shops and restaurants before reaching a small park with a World War I memorial. I then crossed Main Street and started heading easterly walking by some of the oldest original houses in the country. Many of the houses date back to the 1770’s and are abundant with styles of architecture from that era. There are also a few churches along this stretch of road that are some of the oldest in New England. At the end of Main Street is Wickford Cove. At this point I crossed Main Street making my way back to the car passing several more historic homes and buildings.

Sunrise at Wickford Cove

Sunrise at Wickford Cove

    • littlerhody
    • December 2nd, 2013

    Glad to see you up and at ’em again!

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