Stillwater – Smithfield


The Stillwater Scenic Trail is an old railroad line converted into walking trail in Smithfield. I started this walk at a small parking area at Capron Road. The walking trail is fairly wide and is quite level. It runs along the edge of Capron Pond for a bit before you pass the rapids of the Woonasquatucket River. Just before the small dam is the remnants of an old railroad bridge that crosses the river. Continuing pass the dam the trail follows the shore of Stillwater Pond then goes under Route 116 before ending at Farnum Pike. There is parking available at this end as well. At this point I retraced my steps back to Capron Road. At Capron Road I took a short walk to the bridge to take a few photos of the dam at Capron Pond. This walk seemed to be a haven for birds on a very spring feeling morning.

Trail map and additional information can be found at: Stillwater.

Along the Stillwater Scenic Trail.

Along the Stillwater Scenic Trail.

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