Colman Reservation – Attleboro


Taking advantage of Daylight Savings Time, I decided to take this after work hike. It was a last minute decision and I hadn’t really researched it much. I was quite surprised at the length of the trail for a land trust property. I have found that most land trust properties have rather short trails. I started the hike from a parking area on Steere Street and followed the blue blazed trail into the reservation. I almost immediately noticed deer track in the snow, and then, deer… three of them. They stood still briefly before bolting away deep into the woods, but not long enough to turn the camera on and shoot the photo. I continued following the well marked trail pass the “big rock”, which is a glacier boulder, before reaching the “giant hemlock”. The tree indeed is a giant and stands alone among the other trees in the woods. The blue blazes end here but the trail continues over a series of boardwalks before opening up to a fairly straight trail. As I approached the neighborhood I found the trail difficult to follow mostly due to the snow cover. At this point there are no blazes, but there were a single set of footsteps. I followed them as they wound on what might have been the trail to Dorrance Street. The map shows the trail ending there so I assume one of the locals must know the trail. At this point I turned around and retraced my steps almost quite literally. Armed with my camera, ready to use, I did not see the deer again on the way out.

Trail map can be found at: Colman Reservation.

Trail at Colman

Trail at Colman

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