Newport Wharf – Newport

  • Newport Wharf
  • Thames Street, Newport, RI
  • Trailhead: 41°29’5.85″N, 71°18’53.40″W
  • Last Time Hiked: March 23, 2014
  • Approximate distance hiked: 4.0 miles
  • Easy with slight elevation. Some cobblestone sidewalks.

For the most part, with some slight variation, following the route in Ken Webers “More Walks & Rambles in Rhode Island”, this walk covers a good chunk of some of Newport’s most visited sites. I parked on Thames Street near the Post Office. Currently parking at this location is non-metered from November 1st to April 30th with 3 hour parking Monday through Friday from 6PM to 9PM, Saturdays 1PM to 9PM, and Sundays from 9AM to 9PM. The rest of the time it is only 15 minute parking. I started the walk by walking north along Thames Street passing some interesting architecture of buildings such as the Kinsley, currently home of the Newport Blues Cafe. This stretch offers many eateries and souvenir shops. I then turned right at the pathway that leads to the Trinity Church that was built in 1726. Locals claim that George Washington had given a speech at this church in 1781. Other notable visitors of the church have been Queen Elizabeth II and Desmond Tutu. After passing the right side of the church I turned right onto Spring Street and then left onto Mill Street. The walk up Mill Street passes homes on the National Register Of Historic Places including the Corne House. I also came across a massive London Planetree which was marked with a plaque by the Newport Arboretum. I would notice several more trees along this walk with these plaques. At the top of Mill Street is one of Newport’s biggest mysteries. It is the Old Stone Mill in Touro Park. It is sometimes referred to as the Newport Tower. It is widely thought to be an old windmill but there is much debate to it’s construction date and furthermore of who built it. Some theories have it being built before Columbus reached America, possibly by the Norse, Templars, or Portuguese to name a few. After spending a little time here I then followed Bellevue Avenue in a northerly direction making my way pass the Hotel Viking before turning left down the narrow Touro Street. I then came to the backside of the District Courthouse, turned right on Farewell Street toward the side of the Colony House, turned left into Washington Square. The Colony House was built in the 1730’s and was once the State House. In July of 1776 the Declaration of Independence was read to the public here. I then continued down Washington Square and through the Long Wharf Walking Mall before reaching America’s Cup Avenue. The avenue is name after the famed yacht racing event that was held in Newport from 1930 to 1983. I then crossed the avenue and onto Long Wharf to take a peek at Newport Harbor. Most of the boats here at this time of year are settled in for the winter but in the summer months this is a bustling and very wealthy harbor with many yachts. I then continued my walk back to America’s Cup Avenue and started following it southerly towards Bowens Wharf and Bannisters Wharf. The two wharfs offer several restaurants and small shops. I then continued along America’s Cup Avenue to a sculpture simply known as The Wave. I then turned right onto Thames Street following it quite a distance pass several shops until I got to Wellington Avenue. Turning right onto Wellington I walked down the sidewalk pass a couple ball fields and into Kings Park. In the park there is a statue of Rochambeau, who was a French general that assisted the Americans during the American Revolution. There is a sweeping view of Newport from here as well as the Newport Bridge. I then retraced my steps back to Thames Street, crossing it and following the opposite sidewalk back towards Memorial Boulevard passing several more shops. I then turned right onto Memorial Boulevard and followed it uphill for one block until I got to St. Mary’s Church. This church built in the mid 1800’s was the location of the wedding of John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953. I then crossed the boulevard and followed it back down Thames Street passing the Post Office back to the car.

Scroll down to view a photo of a map that is outside the Visitors Center.

The Newport Tower

The Newport Tower

Map Of The Area Walked

Map Of The Area Walked

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