Willett Pond – East Providence

Willett Pond is in the Riverside section of East Providence. It is a nice little spot wedged in an suburban area. In the 1870’s a dam was built at the Mosskettuash Brook to create Willett Pond. Its original purpose was to harvest ice for the growing resorts in Riverside. In later years the resorts closed and residential neighborhoods were built in the area. The ice harvesting ceased and the pond was used primarily for recreation. Today the pond is stocked with trout in early spring and is used for fishing in the spring and summer. There is also a boat launch here for kayaks and canoes. A short half mile trail loops the lower half of the pond. The trail, blazed orange, begins at a parking area between a small shopping strip and the pond itself. The trail then follows the edge of the pond behind a residential area before turning to the left and crossing the water on a small wooden bridge. The trail then curves to left again following the shore of the pond. The trail at some points comes out into grass areas of what seems to be backyards of the abutting properties and then back into the wooded areas again. The trail then comes out to the grass area along Willett Avenue. From here you can walk pass the small spillway and back to the parking area. Swans are common sight and tend to nest here. Please do not disturb them. Otters have also been seen here in the winter months.

Trail map can be found at: Willett Pond.

Wildlife At Willett Pond

Wildlife At Willett Pond

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