Vaughan Forest – Attleboro


This made for a short little after work hike with a co-worker. Vaughan Forest is located across the street from the Colman Reservation. In fact, the parking lot for Colman serves for both sites. The trail head is by utility pole 20. The trail is a short lollipop loop that is blazed by green dots. When you reach the sign that directs you to go to the right to follow the loop, I would advise you to go straight until you reach its near end. There is a trail to the right there. Take that and it will loop you back to the intersection with the sign. The reason being is that the loop trail is a little overgrown at the intersection and there is a wider path to the right that leads to private property that can be mistaken for the loop.


Trail map can be found at: Vaughan Forest.

Trail At Vaughan Forest

Trail At Vaughan Forest

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