Belmont Park – Warwick

Belmont Park is the tale of two trails. It is mostly known for and used as a recreation area with it’s baseball and soccer fields. There are however places to walk here. The first is a trail that runs along the Pawtuxet River and runs about a half mile long from a timber guard rail at the end of First Avenue to a residential neighborhood. The trail has some slight hills and is muddy in areas. It is also very evident that off road bicyclists and dirt bikes use this area as well. I came across several birds here and also saw the first bloom of mountain laurel this season. I was actually quite surprised to find it here. After exploring this trail to its end and back I returned to the end of First Avenue then turned right through a parking area for a bit before I came to the second trail. This one was not so much a trail rather than a paved walking path through the woods. It was heavily wooded with only a few areas to view the river. This path loops and follows the river back to another parking area. At the parking area I opted to cut through it instead of following the path continues ahead a bit almost back to Elmwood Avenue. I then made my way back to the car parked at the end of First Avenue.

I did not find a trail map online.

Trail Along River

Trail Along River

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