Donigian Park – Providence

I came across Donigian Park while scrolling through the blueways section of webpage. When I looked it up in Google Maps I noticed that there was a bike path shown on the map. On the list it went. Today, a very rainy day, I decided to cancel my planned hike down in Arcadia but I still couldn’t resist getting a short walk in nonetheless. Being in the city I decided to stop here and check it out. The bike path itself is rather short and looks very new. It is in the Onleyville section of the city and runs from Valley Street along the Woonasquatucket River to Sonoma Court. There is a bridge that crosses the river and there is a dam and waterfall here. There are also some paved paths that wrap around the park itself. The park features a ball field and playgrounds. The walk along the bike path out and back and a loop around the park is just about 3/4 of a mile. By the way, I got absolutely drenched.

I did not find a trail map online.

The Bike Path Along The River (In The Rain)

The Bike Path Along The River (In The Rain)

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