Lawton Farm – Scituate


Lawton Farm is a Scituate Conservation Commission property on the Scituate/Cranston border. It comprises of a couple large fields with mowed paths. I started the hike from a small parking area at the end of the dirt entrance road. I followed the path a few hundred feet, listening to the sounds of crickets, before turning left. From here I followed the path straight slightly downhill to a stream crossing leaving the front field. After crossing the stream and walking through a short wooded area I choose to follow the path to the left following the tree line. To my right was a field of gold full of blooming wildflowers. At the next intersection I merged right as the path climbed uphill slightly. I saw several grasshoppers along this stretch. At the end of the path I turned right after exploring a tree swing. I continued the walk again following the tree line. I then turned right, quickly followed by a left, and another left again. I followed this path which came to a second stream crossing and back into the front field. At the next intersection I choose to go to the left following the path that led to the front of the field. It then bears right following the stone wall by the road back to the entrance road. I saw a rabbit along this stretch. From here I turned right and made my way to the car. Besides the described route, I also did some slight exploration of side paths. I saw several birds including a red tail hawk here. It is highly advisable to stay away the edges of the paths as there is a lot of poison ivy here. Dogs are not allowed here from April 1 to August 31 during nesting season. The rest of the year they are welcomed on a leash.

I did not find a trail map on-line.

Field Of Gold

Field Of Gold

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