Trott-Perry Preserve – Scituate

I took a drive out to Scituate for a short and very wet Christmas morning hike. This property has been on my radar the last few weeks after talking to someone from the Rhode Island Land Trust Council about it. The property is maintained by the Hope Associates and was acquired in the 1990’s from two local doctors for which the property is named for. Much like Westconnaug Meadows, many of the trees on the property have been labeled. The property is dominated mostly by various pines and cedars. The trail starts at a large parking area. The red blazed loop trail starts by following a cart path into the property. There are several boulders in the woods along this stretch. Soon I came to an intersection with a white blazed cut through to the left. I continued straight following the red blazed trail slightly uphill before coming to the Pawtuxet River. The trail then turns to the left and again slightly uphill then slight left again. The white blazed trail again intersects on the left here. I choose to continue following the red trail through a grove of tall pines, then passing a stone wall. The trail soon exits onto a paved road. Turning left here, I followed the road about a hundred feet, turning left again onto Doctors Lane back to the parking lot.

I did not find a trail map on-line.

Rain On The Pawtuxet River

Rain On The Pawtuxet River

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