Sabin Point – East Providence

Sabin Point Park is a waterfront park in East Providence. The point juts out into the Providence River allowing for panoramic views of the river. To the north the Port of Providence and the downtown skyline are visible from here. To the west and southwest you can see the shore of Warwick, and to the south you can see Conimicut Point and its lighthouse. The Ponham Rocks Light is also visible from Sabin Point. Until 1968, there was a lighthouse at Sabin Point as well. It is now marked by a day beacon. The river at Sabin Point is about a mile wide and is heavily used both for recreation and shipping. It is just as common to see large ships making their way to the Port of Providence as it to see a sailboat or speedboat. The park features about a half mile of paved walking paths, basketball courts, and a playground among its trees and green grass. There is also a fishing dock and boat ramp here as well. It is a bustling little neighborhood park in the warmer months of the year.

Trail map can be found at: Sabin Point

Sabin Point Park Overlooking The Providence River.

Sabin Point Park Overlooking The Providence River.

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