Rose Larisa Park – East Providence

Rose Larisa Park in the Riverside section of East Providence overlooks the Providence River. It is one of the cities newer parks being built in the 1990’s. Today the park is crisscrossed with walking paths that wander through trees and large fields of grass. This property has a long history though. It was once part of Crescent Park, a large amusement park, that attracted visitors from all over the region. The shore dinner hall was located here. The large wall with the wrought iron fence on it was part of the back foundation of the building. There was also a large dock here that stretched out into the river. Steamships from as far away as New York City would dock here to drop off visitors of the park. During low tide you can see some of the remains of the pilings below on the beach. The majority of the park was across the street including its midway and roller coaster. The amusement park started operations in the late 1800’s and ceased in the late 1970’s. The Looff Carousel was preserved and is still in operation today. This is a great park for the kids to run around before catching a ride on the carousel.

I did not find a trail map on-line.

A Walking Path Looking Toward The Crescent Park Carousel.

A Walking Path Looking Toward The Crescent Park Carousel.

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