Gammino Pond – Seekonk

  • Gammino Pond Preserve
  • Newman Avenue, Seekonk, MA
  • Trailhead: 41°51’15.63″N, 71°19’43.64″W
  • First Time Hiked: June 29, 2013
  • Last Time Hiked: June 29, 2016
  • Approximate distance hiked: 1.5 miles
  • Easy with some elevation.

Gammino Pond is a man-made pond left over from years of quarrying. It lies behind Seekonk Meadows and is within feet of Central Pond. In recent years the land that surrounds the pond has become preserved for passive recreation. The property features several trails that has been recently blazed by a local Boy Scout Troop. Starting from a small parking area along Newman Avenue across from Division Street is an old access road that leads into the property. This old access road is about two tenths of a mile long and passes a trail to the left that leads to Seekonk Meadows. Turning right at the blue loop trail, it soon starts to swing to the left. Gammino Pond will be to your left and the mouth of Cole’s Brook enters Central Pond on the right. The trail follows a ridge flanked by the two bodies of water for about a quarter of a mile. Start watching for a gully on the left. At the end of the gully the blue blazed trail takes a sharp hairpin turn to the left. The trail ahead, currently not blazed, is part of the Seekonk Trail that crosses into East Providence before connecting to the Seacuncke Sanctuary. After turning left to follow the blue blazed trail a high hill appears on the right. At the top of the hill is a cemetery off of Dexter Avenue. The trail next climbs the rather significant hill and then comes to an intersection. A faint trail to the right that is not blazed leads to Dexter Avenue, the blue loop trail veers to the left, and a white blazed trail leads slightly to the right. Taking the white blazed trail leads you under a thick canopy of trees. The red blazed trail appears on the left. Continue straight along the white trail, it will soon turn to the left and come out to the yellow trail. Turning right, follow the yellow blaze trail downhill as it turns to the left. The yellow trail follows an old service road pass some small fields. About halfway down the trail is a trail on the right that leads to Seekonk Meadows. Continue straight until you see the blue blazes once again. Here you want to turn right, but first continue straight over the small hill and then straight again onto a trail that is not blazed. It will lead you to an area with a sweeping view of the pond. Retrace your steps back over the small hill, turn left, and follow the blue blazes once again. In a little over a tenth of a mile the old access road that you came in will be on the right. Turn here and retrace your steps back to the parking area.

Trail map can be found at: Gammino Pond Preserve.

Fall Fading At Gammino Pond

Fall Fading At Gammino Pond

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