Conanicut Island Sanctuary – Jamestown

This lesser known property consists of a short loop trail and connector that features a few boardwalks. The trail can be a little muddy in spots and is a little root bound, so do watch your footing. There are three observation areas that overlook Marsh Meadows, a large salt cove. The first is an area with a sitting bench, the other two are raised observation decks. Many birds here have been seen including egrets, herons, sandpipers, ospreys, and ibis. Needless to say this spot for birdwatchers and photographers. Across the salt marsh is a farm and it is not uncommon to hear the mooing of cows. The property also features stone walls and a grove of white birch. Parking is on Conanicus Ave just north of the golf course with parking for 2-3 cars.  This is a great property!


Trail Marker And Stone Wall

    • Chris Powell, Trail Steward, Conanicut Island Sanctuary
    • July 11th, 2020

    The Sanctuary now has a small parking lot and new entrance just north of the golf course which is well marked. The Sanctuary is being managed for wildlife especially birds. Pets are prohibited to protect wildlife. Trails are well maintained except for some wet/muddy area in the spring. Great for birding and photography.

    • Chris Powell
    • November 29th, 2022

    Please correct the above description of the parking area; it is not “off a highway off ramp”. It is on Conanicus Ave just north of the golf course with parking for 2-3 cars. Chris Powell, Trail Steward

    • Good Morning Chris! Doing some year end housekeeping! Thank you for the info and the blog has been updated! Thank you for all that you do!

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