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Birchwold Farm – Wrentham

  • Birchwold Farm Conservation Area
  • West Street, Wrentham, MA
  • Trailhead: 42° 1’35.12″N, 71°24’20.06″W
  • Last Time Hiked: May 2, 2014
  • Approximate distance hiked: 0.9 miles
  • Easy with some slight elevation and some rocky footing.


After a short hike at Joe’s Rock we decided to cross the street for hike number two of the afternoon. Birchwold Farm is almost directly across the street from Joe’s Rock. Be cautious when crossing the street here. It is heavily traveled and traffic flows quite fast. After crossing the parking area for Birchwold we came to an sign with a trail map and explanations of the trail markers. There are no specifically blazed trails here, however they are marked with colored arrows. The blue/green arrows lead you further away from the parking area whereas the red/orange arrows lead you back to the parking area. From the trailhead we followed a trail slightly downhill into a large meadow. We came across the first of a few informational signs in this stretch. At the meadow we followed the path to the left and followed it along the meadow before it slowly went back into the woods. At the next intersection we went left crossing a bridge over a stream and area of swamp. The swamp marigold was in full bloom here. After crossing the bridge we went right passing some boulders and a small ledge. We continued following this trail straight pass the power to another ledge formation. Shortly after the ledge we took a narrow path to the left up and around the ledge back to the power lines. We continued straight following a path that would soon come to an intersection marked with an orange arrow. We turned left here following a trail that went up and down over some rock formations before returning to the bridge. There was plenty of birds singing in this stretch. From the bridge we retraced our steps back to the trailhead. There are additional trails here. This hike could easily be made a bit longer if you choose to.


I did not find a trail map on-line for this hike.

Trail at Birchwold Farm

Trail at Birchwold Farm