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Biscuit City Preserve – South Kingstown


Biscuit City Preserve is a South Kingstown Land Trust Property in the north central part of the town. I started the hike from a small parking area directly across the street from the Biscuit City Road entrance. This parking area is also the parking area for Potter Wood. I followed the trail into the property and I came across members of the Land Trust doing some maintenance work. The were planting some new shrubs and trees, the likes of Swamp Azalea and Holly among a few. I stopped and made some small talk with them and one gave me a brief history lesson. Apparently this property has a natural spring and was used by both the Native Americans and the colonists. He even indicated that one may still find an arrowhead here. I then continued the hike by following the trail along a small pond. Just before the park bench at the end of the pond I turned right onto a trail that passed a couple cellar holes, one on each side. I also passed a root cellar that has been sealed off. I then noticed blue blazes. The trail map indicated that this trail was a dead end, however, the trail has been extended and blazed blue. The trail crosses a stream before turning left and then it meanders through areas of trees and shrubs looping back to the millrace by the pond. From here I continued straight along the southern side of the pond. After the pond there is a trail split. The trail to the right goes to Higgins Drive. The trail to the left, the one I took, heads to the spring house. After passing the spring house the trail continues back to the trail I came in on. Here I turned right and retraced my steps back to the car.


Trail map can be found at: Biscuit City.

A Trail At Biscuit City Preserve

A Trail At Biscuit City Preserve Looking Toward The Pond