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Breakheart Pond – Exeter/West Greenwich

  • Breakheart Pond – Arcadia Wildlife Management Area
  • Hicks Trail, Exeter, RI
  • Trailhead: 41°35’43.81″N, 71°42’13.28″W
  • Last Time Hiked: October 24, 2014
  • Approximate distance hiked: 1.7 miles
  • Easy.


I had originally planned on doing a 6 mile hike in this area this morning but due to the wet weather I decided to do a much shorter hike instead. I choose to hike a loop around the ever scenic Breakheart Pond. Starting from a parking area near the pond I made my way to a small bridge that crosses Breakheart Brook. Here is a small dam and waterfall as well as the ruins of an old fish ladder. I soon found myself following the yellow blazes of the Breakheart Trail. The trail then turns left at a sign depicting distances to nearby landmarks. Here on the left is the first cellar hole I encountered. I soon crossed another brook with a small waterfall on the right. The trail then crosses into West Greenwich slowly moving away from the pond. I then found myself in an area of pines and oaks with stone walls. Next, I approached an intersection. Two trails lead to the left, one blazed yellow. They merge at the bottom of the small hill. Another trail goes straight. I turned left following the yellow blazes and crossed another wooden bridge. Here you can see the north end of the pond. After crossing the bridge, the yellow blazed trail turns right. I continued straight up a very small hill. At the top of the hill I turned left onto Hicks Trail. This would eventually lead me back to the parking area. The trail here is a wide lane that traverses through tall pines and a fern covered forest floor. A small spur trail to the right appears. A few feet in along this spur is another cellar hole. There are also several stone walls here. Continuing along the Hicks Trail and back into Exeter, I soon found a small opening to the left with a sweeping view of the pond. There is another at the boat ramp just ahead in the parking area. After taking a few pictures I finished the hike and returned to the car. Hunting is allowed here and blaze orange is required during hunting season.


Trail map can be found at: Breakheart Pond.

Rainy Morning At Breakheart Pond

Rainy Morning At Breakheart Pond