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Carolina South – Richmond

  • Carolina South – Carolina State Management Area
  • Pine Hill Road, Richmond, RI
  • Trailhead: 41°27’58.82″N,  71°41’20.07″W
  • Last Time Hiked: May 4, 2014
  • Approximate distance hiked: 4.1 miles
  • Easy.

This was my first venture of at least three planned hikes into the Carolina Management Area. I opted to call this hike Carolina South based on the fact that I partially used the Ken Weber route of that name, although I relied more so on the Great Swamp Press map of the area. I actually plan on doing a hike in the future that will be further south in this management area by Meadow Brook Pond. I was also joined by some friends for this Sunday morning stroll. We started from the parking area by the hunter check station on Pine Hill Road following the wide and flat lane named Andrews Trail. It meanders mostly straight through areas of tall pines and open fields. At the end of this trail we came to a T intersection and turned left. We followed this open lane until it started to turn right then took a narrower path to the left. We followed this narrow path as it followed the edge of large, sweeping, open field. This path eventually came to a section of the North-South Trail (a good description for now, but nature will have its way… starting looking for the blue blazes of the North-South Trail at the large dead tree at the edge of the field). At the North-South Trail we turned left and followed it back into the woods. We did some exploring on a short trail to the right for a moment to take a look at the Pawcatuck River. Continuing on the North-South Trail for a bit we came to an intersection. The blue blazed North-South Trail veered to the left. We followed the trail to the right. We soon passed a trail to the left (we would use this in our return) and continued to a stone bridge. Here the sounds of frogs were very loud. We lingered for a bit before pushing further down the unmarked trail. After a little bit we decided to retrace our steps to the last intersection as the trail we were on was not on the map and out of the management area property. At the intersection we turned right following a trail that eventually rejoined the North-South Trail. We then continued straight onto the North-South Trail passing a cemetery will graves from the mid 1800’s. At the next intersection we turned left onto the Nicoll Trail. (Ken Weber’s route has you continuing straight on the North-South Trail). At the end of the Nicoll Trail we turned right onto the Andrews Trail and retraced our steps back to the car. This area is open to hunting. Be sure to wear orange during hunting season.

Trail Map could be found at: Carolina South.

Open Fields

Open Fields