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River Island – Central Falls


The smallest city (by area) in the state is very congested, yet it still offers a small wooded area along the Blackstone River with a short trail. This walk starts from a small park on High Street that features a short walking track. Between the track and the river is an overlook down to the river. There is a bridge that leads you to wooded area with the short trail system. The river passes this area rather swiftly. The entire walk itself is just around a half mile.


Trail at River Island

Valley Marsh – Lincoln/Central Falls

**August 2015 – Access to the parking area is currently restricted by locked gates**

This walk starts at the parking area for the Lincoln Almond Ball Field. It is a straight “in and out” walk along a half mile path. The path is just beyond the barricade gate. The walk starts at first going along the path. Soon water appears on each side. This is part of Valley Falls Pond. The path dead ends at a peninsula where there were several swans, blackbirds, and other varieties of birds. At this point you have actually crossed over into Central Falls. From here I turned around and retraced my steps.

I did not find a trail map on-line.

Valley Falls Pond

Valley Falls Pond