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Collier Point Park – Providence


In the 1990’s the Providence waterfront went through a massive overhaul. The landscape of Downtown Providence changed as rivers were moved and Waterplace Park took shape. What many do not realize, while all that was happening in downtown in the very public eye, this little waterfront park just south of the Manchester Street Power Plant and the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier was also being developed. In the mid 2000’s it served as the home of the Russian submarine museum. Collier Point today is a small park with a few walking paths. It is surrounded by industry and the I-way (Interstate 195) actually crosses over the north end of it. There are plenty of signs here explaining the history of the point itself, the power plant, and the hurricane barrier. It is without doubt an urban stroll through history.

I did not find a trail map on-line.

A Field Of Black Eyed Susans By The I-Way Bridge.

A Field Of Black Eyed Susans By The I-Way Bridge.