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Moonshine Swamp – Richmond

  • Moonshine Swamp – Arcadia Wildlife Management Area
  • Baker Pines Road, Richmond, RI
  • Trailhead: 41°32’6.37″N, 71°40’30.25″W
  • Last Time Hiked: May 27, 2015
  • Approximate distance hiked: 2.3 miles
  • Moderate, some elevation and rocky footing, some areas difficult to navigate.

In the extreme southeastern portion of the Arcadia Management Area is a network of trails that is rather less known. Although the two main stretches of this hike are straightforward and easy to follow, there is a short section by the swamp that can be confusing if not disorienting. I would highly recommend a map (I used the Great Swamp Press map) and GPS for this hike in the case that you need to back track. This hike is also a tale of two hike. The first half follows an old abandon road whereas the rest travels through some very pristine sections of forest. I started the hike from Baker Pines Road opposite of New London Turnpike and followed the dirt road along the power lines. This is actually an abandoned section of the New London Turnpike which in its day was the main road long before Route 3 and Route 95. The dirt road follows a section of the North/South Trail for about 4/10 of a mile. The North/South then turns left. I would return from that trail. For the time being I continued straight along the dirt road following the power lines. Soon a trail merges from the right and continuing straight I would soon come to Interstate 95. The dirt road that I followed is rather rocky and descends approximately 170 feet. I then continued along short section of the road parallels the interstate before turning left back into the woods and into a open gravel area. This is where the navigation gets a little tricky. Passing through the open area I then turned left at the next intersection. Moonshine Swamp is here on the right through the trees. I continued straight following the main trail as it followed a stone wall and traversed through a grove of pines. The trail then splits and the main trail appears to lead to the left. Using the GPS and map I opted to go straight onto the less traveled and slightly narrower trail. At the next intersection I turned left and followed that trail to the next intersection. Here I turned left again and found the blue blazed North/South Trail once again. The remainder of the hike follows the blue blazes back to where the car is parked. This is by far the prettiest section of the hike and one of the more challenging as it climbs the nearly 170 feet of hill that I previously descended down. I came across several Lady slippers in bloom and the mountain laurel was budding.

I did not find a map on-line.

Along A Trail Near Moonshine Swamp

Along A Trail Near Moonshine Swamp