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Nockum Hill – Barrington

  • Doug Rayner Wildlife Refuge – Nockum Hill
  • George Street, Barrington, RI
  • Trailhead: 41°46’18.96″N, 71°18’41.66″W
  • Last Time Hiked: May 16, 2013
  • Approximate distance hiked: 1.5 miles
  • Easy

A nice little hidden gem in Barrington owned by the Barrington Land Trust. In fact if you are in Barrington you need to leave town and drive through Swansea or Seekonk to get to it. This wildlife preserve includes a little bit of everything. It has a farm, woods, meadows, marsh, and a beach. Starting at a small parking area across the street from Dane Horse Farm I followed Rayner Road past the gate then turned left onto the Woodland Trail. I followed this trail to its end after a short detour down the marsh trail. I made my way down to the beach at the point where I found a park bench that overlooks Hundred Acre Cove. I spent several minutes here taking in the view. I then made my way back to the Point Trail, following that back to Rayner Road and then I turned right onto Terrapin Trail. Apparently this is the only location in Rhode Island where the diamondback terrapin nests. I did not come across any. I then turned left back onto the Woodland Trail and then left again onto the Bittersweet Trail. At the end of the trail I turned right onto Rayner Road once again and followed it back to the car. There were several species of birds in the trees and meadows here. There is also a monument at the entrance that marks the former location of a historic church.

Trail Map can be found at: Nockum Hill

A Farm At Nockum Hill

The Farm At Nockum Hill