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Pawtuxet River – Cranston/Warwick


This trail is a perfect example of where nature meets modern urbanization. Starting at the parking lot by the locally well known banquet facility Rhodes On The Pawtuxet, I followed the trail along the north side of the river making my way to Warwick Avenue. The trail pretty much follows the shore of the river and is heavily wooded. At the end of the section of the trail you must follow a narrow trail between a fence and the river and make your way to the bridge to cross the river. I stopped to take a look at the river here and noticed a family of geese with four goslings. This is where there is some confusion to where the trail goes next. After crossing the bridge into Warwick, you need to make your way toward the back of the Shaw’s supermarket. From a distance it does not appear to be much of anything, but as you get closer a very narrow trail appears. I followed this trail behind the supermarket (There is another entrance to this trail from the supermarket parking lot if you are not comfortable walking behind the building). The trail has been marked orange and again follows the bank of the river. There is a split ahead with the orange trail going to the right and a green marked trail going to the left following the riverbank. I opted for the green trail. From this trail you can see the Rhodes On The Pawtuxet across the river. Eventually this trail merges again with the orange trail. The trail then comes into a grass clearing near an old manufacturing building before turning back into the final stretch of the wooded trail. The trail ends at Post Road where I turned left and followed it to Pawtuxet Village. As you approach the village you will see some of the oldest houses in the area, some dating back to the 1700’s. In the village, there are few restaurants, ice cream shop, and a pub among other little businesses. The bridge over the river in the village overlooks a series of small waterfalls. After crossing the bridge back into Cranston I made my way to Rhodes Place, turned left, and made my way to the car.

Trail map can be found at: Pawtuxet River

Pawtuxet River

Pawtuxet River