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Perry Farm – Coventry

  • Perry Farm
  • Flat River Road, Coventry, RI
  • Trailhead: 41°42’15.25″N, 71°45’22.35″W
  • Last Time Hiked: April 2, 2013
  • Approximate distance hiked: 2 miles
  • Easy with some difficult navigation at beginning and end.


The most challenging aspect of this trail was the first section. I was using a trail map from a twenty year old book. The first challenge was finding the trail head as there is no signage for it.  It is exactly two tenths of a mile south of the intersection of 117 and 14 along Flat River Road on the right. It is just to the left of a fenced area for cows, to the right of utility pole 666 (not as bad as it sounds) and near a stone wall. After finding the trail-head as described in the book the second challenge was storm damage and debris presumably from this winters blizzard. I found myself climbing and crawling over and under a few down trees. The next challenge of the first section came towards the end of the hike. Finding it again to leave. With all the storm damage, minimal use, and lack of blazes, this proved to be difficult. Unless you know your direction pretty well I would suggest using a GPS unit. The first section is a couple hundred feet long and pretty much follows a stone wall on the right and crosses a couple others. The cows in the adjacent fenced in area seemed very curious to my presence. After the first section was completed Perry Farm became a very nice hike and well worth trekking through the first section.  At the end of the first section an old cart-path opens up. I followed it to the left and was immediately greeted by six deer. The rest was easy and simple. It led me past a small pond on the left then through some very dense wooded pines and finally ended at the Moosup River at what is known as Spencer Rock, a series of small waterfalls. On the way back I followed a path that went around the other side of the pond.  It is not marked at all and the only way that I knew it was a path was by the brush-saw marks along the way.  Again without a GPS unit you could easily end up elsewhere.  I would suggest just staying on the main path. Unfortunately, I think its going to be a bad tick season this year. Checking regularly, I had up to a dozen ticks on me along this hike. I suspect mostly from the first section.

Link to tick activity.

This area is open to hunting. You should check hunting season schedules before hiking here.

I could not find a trail map on-line of just Perry Farm. It is however, part of the Nicholas Farm Management area and a D.E.M. map shows the Perry Farm area and it’s main trail at the upper center part of the map just south of Plainfield Pike: Perry Farm

Old Cartpath

Old Cartpath