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Potter Wood – South Kingstown


Potter Memorial Wood is a Kingstown Improvement Association property. I started this hike from a small parking area on Biscuit City Road and started following the trail. I then came upon a billboard will the trail map. After studying it for a bit and decided my route I continued along the Potter Trail until I came to the Red Pine Trail. Here I turned right following the trail, ignoring most of the trails that went to the left until I reached the Heritage trail. This trail eventually brought me back to the Potter Trail. Here I turned right and into the recreation area. I then headed toward the playground equipment looking for the narrow Pond Way Trail. If you have found and passed an old fireplace you are on the right trail. I then turned right onto a path that led to the skating pond. The skating pond was all but dried up at the time of this hike. I turned right following the loop around the pond passing a shelter. From here I followed the Oak Trail back to the Potter Trail once again. I then turned right and followed the trail back to the parking area. This property had plenty of stone walls as well as several species of trees. I saw several birds here as well as squirrels and chipmunks.


I did not find a trail map on-line.

The Skating Pond After A Summer Of No Rain.

The Skating Pond After A Summer Of No Rain.