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Pratt Farm – Exeter/Richmond


I first came upon Pratt Farm in an old Ken Weber book. After a four mile hike in the area I decided to come here and check out the farm. The book had a hike that covered both the farm and a large loop over Bald Hill. I had previously hiked Bald Hill a year and a half ago and always meant to come here to cover the rest. The hike has three very distinctively different portions to it. Starting from a parking area at the bend of Summit Road, I followed the road to the east for about three tenths of a mile. The road is very secluded and very often will not have any traffic. To the right is a gate with a trail behind it. It is highly suggestible to use GPS and/or have a copy of the Great Swamp Press map of Arcadia. The best way to describe this section is to continue straight through the vast forest of young pines until you get to the hill. And what a hill it is… Using both feet and occasionally a hand for balance, I climbed the hill. At the top of the hill I turned right. The trail starts downhill and becomes almost undistinguishable at points. Near the bottom of the hill the trail turns to the left and you will notice a clearing. Popping out from the woods you are now in a large open field. It is quite surprising the contrast of one landscape to another. And this field is just stunning. Another of Rhode Islands best kept secrets. Here I turned right and followed the grass covered farm road over the next hill and back out to the parking area. There is also a beautiful New England style stone wall here and the remnants of an old barn built into the hill. Here I came across folks walking their dogs and a couple of horseback riders. If you want to check out the fields only then reverse the direction of the hike.


Farm Field