Food (And Brews)


Hiking makes you hungry!!!

Rhode Island is home to hundreds of great restaurants, coffee shops, and eateries. In fact, Providence is home to one of the nations most renowned culinary schools, that being Johnson and Wales. Many of the students who study at the university settle and start businesses here in Rhode Island. This list could go on and on and on. But here are some of the most frequented stops.

Looking for a coffee, iced tea, breakfast sandwich, or some baked goods before a hike? Angelina’s in downtown Bristol offers a variety of coffees and teas. Seven Stars Bakery has three locations in Providence and East Providence. They offer a variety of coffees and teas as well as breads and baked goods such as croissants and quiches. Another stop for coffee or tea is Sophie’s Brewhouse on Route 2 in Exeter. This quaint coffee shop has some awesome breakfast sandwiches.

Post hike lunches!! Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Sushi all at one restaurant. Seven Moons in North Kingstown is a must stop for Asian food. They have large portions as well! Want some good fish and chips? Check out either Ye Olde English in Woonsocket or the Rathskellar in Charlestown. But for any of you that have done a hike with me, you now that my weakness is a post hike burger. If in the East Bay, a stop at the Four Corners Grille always makes for a good lunch choice. If down by the beaches, a Moo-Moo Melt from Crazy Burger in Narragansett is a necessity. If near the city, a stop at the iconic waterfront bar known as the Hot Club is a must. The have great burgers that are cooked on an open fire and a seemingly endless choice of beers.

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