Trails And Walks Elsewhere

Trails And Walks Elsewhere

This page is for trails and walks that are a little further away. Every now and again I will venture out of the Trails and Walks “limits” to visit and hike other trails. Here are some more notable hikes that you may want to consider visiting someday. All distance are from Downtown Providence “as the crow flies”. The hikes and walks on this page are listed from closest to furthest away from Rhode Island.


Waterfall and Suspension Bridge, East Coast Trail

  • Cuttyhunk Island
  • Gosnold, Massachusetts
  • Distance from Providence – 38 miles

Cuttyhunk Island, only accessible by ferry, is a small island at the western end of the Elizabeth Islands between Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound. The island offers quite a bit and is extremely walker friendly. As a matter of fact, automobiles are a rarity, and golf carts are in abundance within town. At the west end of the island is the aptly named West End Pond which offers the Gosnold Monument, commemorating the first non-permanent settlement in New England. The highest point, complete with abandoned World War II era batteries, are at the top of Tower Road offers sweeping views of the entire island and surrounding area. In town you will find a market, a gift shop, and a dock where food carts are seasonably available. Cuttyhunk is definitely a great little get away, but be prepared to be on your own if the store or food carts are not available.

Map and Info: Cuttyhunk Island


View of the West End from The Highest Point on the Island.

  • Freedom Trail
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Distance from Providence – 40 miles

In nearby Boston, the Freedom Trail is a good way to visit many of the cities colonial and early American historical sites. This brick lined trail winds through the city streets passing sites such as the Old State House, the Boston Massacre, the USS Constitution, Faneuil Hall, the Old North Church, and Bunker Hill to name just a few. Guided tours are available if you so choose and the trail is approximately 3 miles in length one way.

Trail map: Freedom Trail


Bunker Hill Monument

  • Old Sturbridge Village
  • Sturbridge, Massachusetts
  • Distance from Providence – 40 miles

The Old Sturbridge Village is a family friendly living museum that transports you back to New England in the 1830’s. From its fields and farms, churches and taverns, and three separate trails that wind through the woods, a pasture, and along a river, one can walk up to three miles on the visit.

Trail map: Old Sturbridge Village


Old Sturbridge Village

  • Minute Man National Historical Park
  • Concord, Massachusetts
  • Distance from Providence – 45 miles

On April 19, 1775 the American Revolution began in the suburbs of Boston. Today the town of Concord is a quaint but bustling New England town with a rich history. There is a 5 mile long trail that runs between Concord and Lexington known as the Battle Road Trail. This trail is the approximate route the advancing British soldiers took on the way to Concord.  At the North Bridge is where the “Shot heard around the world” was fired. There is also a short half mile walk here. Concord years later would become famous for its authors, particularly Thoreau. A walk of a mile and half, or more, at Walden Pond is always suggested while in town. This is where Thoreau secluded himself in the woods.

Trail map: Minute Man National Historical Park & Walden Pond

TWRI-North Bridge

North Bridge Crossing The Concord River.

  • Mamacoke Island Natural Area – Connecticut College Arboretum
  • New London, Connecticut
  • Distance from Providence – 45 Miles

Just outside the Trails and Walks in Rhode Island “borders” is a spectacular hidden gem at Connecticut College in New London. To get to the island you must follow the red blazed trail from Benham Avenue northerly through fields and woods to get to the white blazed trail. This trail crosses railroad tracks and an area of salt marsh before coming to a beautiful loop trail (still blazed white). There are towering ledges here as well as views of the Thames River.

Trail map can be found at: Mamacoke Island.


White Blazed Loop Trail By A Ledge

  • Dogtown
  • Gloucester, Massachusetts
  • Distance from Providence – 70 miles

Deep in the woods of this historic coastal town you will find a cluster of boulders with inspirational quotes on them. The area, known as Dogtown, was once a colonial village that has been long abandoned. The boulders were given their famous quotes in the early 20th century by a local. There are several miles of trails here, but the majority of the boulders are along the Babson Boulder Trail. Some boulders to be seen include “Study”, “Use Your Head”, “Loyalty”, and “Truth”.

Trail map: Dogtown


One Of The Over 25 Boulders at Dogtown

  • Cape Cod National Seashore
  • Eastham, Massachusetts
  • Distance from Providence – 75 Miles

Stretching from Provincetown to Chatham, Cape Cod National Seashore offers several hikes and beach walks including Nauset Marsh, Fort Hill, Great Island, and Beech Forest to name a few. Each hike offers a little something different but are all easy enough to do. The beaches offer picturesque views of dunes and the sea. You can obtain trail maps at the visitor centers in Eastham or Provincetown

More Information can be found at: Cape Cod.


Salt Pond at Nauset Marsh

  • The Berkshires
  • North Adams, Massachusetts
  • Distance from Providence – 100 Miles

The Berkshires in Western Massachusetts offer several places to hike, many with views. From the Housatonic Flats in Great Barrington and Yokun Ridge in Stockbridge, to the Hoosac Range in North Adams there is a trail for any skill level. More information here.


The View From Sunset Rock Along The Hoosac Range Trail

  • Green Mountain National Forest
  • Stratton, Vermont
  • Distance from Providence – 115 Miles

Many from Southern New England make their way to the mountains, they tend to go to New Hampshire’s White Mountains. The Green Mountains are a quieter, (more) tranquil version of the Whites. Haystack and Stratton Mountains are good climbs and Hogback offers a steady almost level hike in comparison to a nice overlook. There is also the Long Trail which also follows the Appalachian Trail for a bit.


Along The Appalachian Trail just east of Bennington.

  • White Mountain National Forest
  • Sargent’s Purchase, New Hampshire
  • Distance from Providence – 170 Miles

The quintessential location in New England for hiking, The White Mountains offer trails both short and long, as well as for beginners and experts. The Basin and The Flume in Franconia Notch, Sabbaday Falls, Lower Ammonoosuc Falls, and Glen Ellis Falls all offer short hikes to locations with spectacular views. Longer hikes but reasonably easy hikes to Arethusa Falls and Franconia Falls (Lincoln Woods) are well worth the visits. For the experienced hikers, The Presidential Range offer great challenges especially Tuckerman Ravine or the Crawford Trail to Mount Washington. Some hikers cut the distance in half by taking the Cog Railroad either up or down and then use the Jewell Trail or Ammonoosuc Trail to return. The higher elevations can be dangerous due to extreme weather condition changes. Be aware of these situations as well as wildlife encounters.

More Information can be found at: White Mountains.


From Mount Washington Looking South Towards The Lake of The Clouds

  • The Adirondacks
  • Lake Placid, New York
  • Distance from Providence – 210 Miles

In Northern New York lies the famed Adirondacks. The Lake Placid area once hosted the 1980 Winter Olympics. Though not an Olympic sport, the region is also a host to some beautiful hiking trails. Casade Mountain and the Mount Jo Loop are good hikes near Lake Placid. In the Lake George area there is Black Mountain and Shelving Rock Falls. Some of these areas are not accessible especially during mud season as some of the roads are seasonal. More info can be found here.


Shelving Rock Falls

  • Acadia National Park
  • Near Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Distance from Providence – 240 miles

Acadia National Park lies on the coast of Maine and is the oldest national park east of the Mississippi River. The ragged shoreline, small mountains, and crystal clear lakes make for a truly scenic location. There are over a hundred miles of trails in the park. Bubble Rock is a large boulder that teeters on the edge of a cliff and Cadillac Mountain is the highest point in the park.  These are two of the most visited sites in the park. Sand Beach, Otter Cove, and Wonderland are good spots to get down to the coast. Swimming is available at Sand Beach.

Trail map: Acadia National Park


Bubble Rock in Acadia National Park

  • Fundy National Park
  • Near Alma, New Brunswick – Canada
  • Distance from Providence – 410 miles

Fundy National Park lies on the Bay of Fundy which is home to the worlds largest tide differentials. The height between low tide and high tide varies over 50 feet in the bay offering a very unique opportunity in the area. For this visit, hiking was concentrated in the Point Wolfe Campsite area over the course of two days. Hikes along the Coopermine, Point Wolfe Beach, and Shiphaven Trails were done the first day. Early the next morning a hike to Herring Cove and back along the Coastal Trail was done. Later that day a visit to nearby Hopewell Rocks was made to “walk on the ocean floor”.

Trail map: Fundy National Park


Sunrise at Fundy

  • Prince Edward Island National Park
  • Near Stanhope Bayshore, Prince Edward Island – Canada
  • Distance from Providence – 520 miles

Prince Edward Island National Park lies on the north shore of the island. The park is made of three parts. The western most part lies the town of Cavendish, made famous by the novel Anne of Green Gables. Hikes occurred just west of Cavendish Grove and in the area around Stanhope along the Gulf Shore. A visit to Greenwich at the eastern most of the park was made to check out the highest sand dunes on the island.

Trail map: Prince Edward Island National Park


Dunes of Prince Edward Island

  • Bruce Peninsula National Park
  • Near Tobermory, Ontario – Canada
  • Distance from Providence – 560 miles

Bruce Peninsula separates Lake Huron from the Georgian Bay. Just outside of Tobermory is the visitor center with a towering lookout tower and the Burnt Point trailhead. A little further to the south is the camping area by Cyprus Lake. A hike around the lake and out to Grotto, Halfway Rock, and Overhanging Point was made before settling in for the night.

Trail map: Bruce Peninsula National Park


Along The Georgian Bay

  • Cape Breton Highlands National Park
  • Near Ingonish, Nova Scotia – Canada
  • Distance from Providence – 650 miles

The rolling hills of Cape Breton offer some of the best scenery in the world. This national park encompasses the northern most parts of Nova Scotia. The Skyline Trail is world known with its sweeping views of the surrounding area. Hikes were made at Benjis Cove and after a night of camping a brisk climb to the top of Broad View Mountain.

Trail map: Cape Breton Highlands National Park


Cape Breton Highlands

  • Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
  • Near Munising, Michigan
  • Distance from Providence – 800 miles

Pictured Rocks is located on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The towering cliffs, waterfalls, and beaches along Lake Superior are stunningly beautiful. Hikes covered much of the park including visits to Miners Castle, Mosquito Falls, Hurricane River, Au Sable Lighthouse, and Sable Falls.

Trail map: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore


Shoreline of Pictured Rocks

  • East Coast Trail
  • Near St. Johns, Newfoundland – Canada
  • Distance from Providence – 1000 miles

The East Coast Trail is about 265 kilometers (170 miles) long and follows the eastern coast of the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland. Over the course of several days I had done several sections of it making a point to visit most of the highlights. Visits to Cape Spear (the easternmost point in North America), Blackhead, Stiles Cove, Sugarloaf (icebergs could be seen offshore), Caplin Bay, Tors Cove, and La Manche (suspension bridge and seals) covered close to 30 miles of the trail. While in the area a visit to Cape Race and a short guided hike at Mistaken Point was made.

Trail map: East Coast Trail


East Coast Trail at La Manche

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