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Over the years I have had the opportunity to meet and hike with like-minded friends. They also have blogs and websites that offer great information about local hiking. You should check out their sites as well!!

Auntie Beak is based out of southeastern Connecticut but hikes all over. She has a large database of hikes that covers a large portion of southern Rhode Island. Being a U.R.I. Master Gardener she is very knowledgeable about plants and fungus. I have learned, and am still learning, quite a bit from Auntie Beak.

Easy Walks In Massachusetts is a blog site by Marjorie Turner Hollman who is a freelance writer and personal historian. She has also published several books including the “Easy Walk” series that focuses on short and easy hikes in Central Massachusetts.

The Rhode Island Land Trust Council has the ExploreRI hiking webpage. Over the years I have become friends with Helen Hersh Tjader, who with Rupert Friday, organizes the Rhode Island Land Trust Days. Roy Najecki has spent countless hours working with various land trusts developing trail systems and the maps that are listed on this page.

Look-See RI has put together a rather impressive resume. He has put together a nice page that groups all of his interests that include hiking, historical cemeteries, and local ruins. He also maintains several Facebook pages including Hiking in Rhode Island.

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