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Destruction Brook Woods – Dartmouth

  • Destruction Brook Woods
  • Slades Corner Road, Dartmouth, MA
  • Trailhead: 41°34’14.88″N, 71° 1’1.70″W
  • Last Time Hiked: November 8, 2014
  • Approximate distance hiked: 5.6 miles
  • Fairly easy with slight elevation.


Destruction Brook Woods is a large tract of land in Dartmouth with several miles of trails. The trails here are, for the most part, well blazed and (with the trail map for the property) very easily navigable. I was accompanied by fellow hikers for this hike for the mid-autumn morning stroll. We started from a parking area on Slades Corner Road and followed the trail through an open field then pass a stone wall to the first intersection. Along the way we came across several signs about dogs. They are more than welcome here as long as you follow the rules. At the first intersection we choose to go to the right following the red trail through an area of pines. Then we took a left onto a short section of the yellow trail turning right onto Alice’s Spillway. Here is a small dam and waterfall along Destruction Brook that creates a small pond. There were several mallards here. After crossing the spillway we turned right back onto the red trail and then left onto the yellow trail. We soon came to a four way intersection labeled with a “C”. Here we took the immediate right onto the yellow trail. This section of the trail did lack some blazing but the map in hand helped. We soon approached another intersection labeled with a “B”. Here we turned right and followed the blue blazed trail. This trail meanders up and down small hills before dropping into Happy Valley. Along this stretch tall ledges appear on each side of the trail and being mid Autumn the beech trees were vibrant against the reds of the maples. We also observed a hawk above in the valley. Soon the yellow trail joins the blue trail. Here we continued straight following the two colored blazed trail until it split. From here we continued straight onto the yellow trail until we reached Ella’s Bridge that crosses Destruction Brook. From this point we continued westward along the red trail until we reached intersection “D”. We then decided to hike the green loop from here. Along the green trail, we crossed Destruction Brook two more times. Once at a wooden plank bridge and another at a stone slab bridge. Some of the trees in this area are hundreds of years old. We stumbled upon a tree stump in the woods with at least a 5 to 6 foot diameter. We also came across an abandoned vehicle. There is a spur trail that leads to a cemetery. The green trail wanders through another impressive area of pines and an area of fern covered forest. On the western end of the property we checked out the Russell Homestead. Here a fellow hiker pointed out the tremendous amount of wisteria. This alone may require a visit in the spring to see just how it may look. After stopping at the homestead we started making our way back to the “D” intersection. Along the way we were greeted by a horseback rider who introduced her horse as “Charlie”.  At the intersection we turned right following the red trail back to the parking area passing some pockets of holly trees. Hunting is not allowed on this property but it is suggested to wear orange. We did observe tree stands on the neighboring property in Happy Valley.

Trail map can be found at: Destruction Brook Woods.

Destruction Brook From Alice's Spillway

Destruction Brook From Alice’s Spillway