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Foster Park – Coventry


Foster Memorial Park has a couple ball fields and soccer fields. The park also abuts the Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School. Stay to the left of the soccer field and walk in a northerly direction. Soon you will see the trailhead. The trail climbs slightly uphill for a while before looping first to the east then to the south exiting behind the middle school. From here stay to the right staying along the tree line while behind the school. You will soon come to another trail on the right that leads you back to the parking area.


Along The Trail At Foster Park.

Tirocchi Field – Warwick

  • Father Achille Tirocchi Field/East Natick Riverwalk
  • Sue Street, Warwick, RI
  • Trailhead: 41°43’22.67″N, 71°29’7.39″W
  • Last Time Hiked: February 27, 2016
  • Approximate distance hiked: 0.5 miles
  • Easy.


This small park nestled in the East Natick part of Warwick abuts the Washington Secondary Bike Path. The park consists of a walking path, ball field, playground, and basketball court. The back end of the property is wooded and a trail and boardwalk leads to the shore of the Pawtuxet River. There is also a canoe put-in site here. There is access to the bike path from this park if you would like to add a little distance to your walk.


Pawtuxet River

Winslow Park – Warwick


One of the newest parks in Warwick, and it certainly makes for an unique walk. The park is home to the Warwick Firefighters Soccer Club as well as the Little League. There is a stone dust walking trail that weaves around the fields. The entire circuit of paths is less than a mile. The unique part of this walk, is it borders the airport. Planes are landing and taking off while you are walking.


Path at Winslow Park

Conimicut Point – Warwick

Conimicut Point is where Narragansett Bay officially ends and the Providence River begins. On the point is a city park with a few walking paths, a small beach on each side, and the point juts out into the water offering sweeping views in all directions. The south facing beach offers views of Patience and Prudence Island and the north facing views offers views of the Providence skyline. To the east is the Conimicut Lighthouse. At the moment there are plans to renovate the lighthouse. If this happens it will likely become much like the Borden Flats Light in Fall River where you can stay overnight as a guest. There is a rather long sandbar here. Do not attempt going on to it. Several people have lost their lives here after being taken by the strong undertow.


Conimicut Point

River Island – Central Falls


The smallest city (by area) in the state is very congested, yet it still offers a small wooded area along the Blackstone River with a short trail. This walk starts from a small park on High Street that features a short walking track. Between the track and the river is an overlook down to the river. There is a bridge that leads you to wooded area with the short trail system. The river passes this area rather swiftly. The entire walk itself is just around a half mile.


Trail at River Island

Spring Lake – Burrillville

  • Spring Lake
  • Black Hut Road, Burrillville, RI
  • Trailhead: 41°58’43.72″N, 71°39’54.40″W
  • Last Time Hiked: February 15, 2016
  • Approximate distance hiked: 3.1 miles
  • Fairly easy with some slight elevation, more difficult with snow cover.


Much like the last time I was at the Black Hut Management Area, there was still some significant snow cover and the temperature was hovering near the 0° F mark. Though much balmier than yesterday mornings -10° F with wind chills around -35° F, but yet still much colder than tomorrows anticipated 50° F day, we started this hike when the temperature was at -2° F. The last time I was at Black Hut was nearly two years ago following the route in the Ken Weber book. After looking at the D.E.M. maps for the property I had noticed a quarry to the west of Spring Lake. A fellow hiker/blogger also posted some photos almost a year ago of the quarry. So this morning I set out with a hiking buddy to find this quarry. Much to my surprise we came across several small quarries before finally reaching the quarry on the map. The hike we took this morning covers a decent amount of the western most portion of the Black Hut property. Spring Lake, most famous for its public beach, is surrounded by small homes and cottages. The Black Hut property all but surrounds this quaint lakeside community. Starting at the parking area for the Spring Lake Fishing Area, we followed Black Hut Road first west then north about two tenths of a mile before coming to an intersection. We then crossed the road toward a guard rail. Beyond the guard rail is the beginning of the trail. The road to the right and uphill is a driveway and well posted as private property. Just after the guard rail you will find a well weathered kiosk with a trail map. For almost all of this hike we followed the most used trail(s). We first followed the red blazed trail passing a stream on the left and then a large ledge to the right before coming to a trail intersection. We stayed to the right, now following blue blazes, where we came upon the first of the quarries. Soon through the woods you can see Spring Lake. At the next trail intersection we stayed to the left following red blazes. The trail to the right winds downhill toward the lake. Continuing to follow the red blazed trail for the remainder of the hike we came upon a couple spur loop trails (yellow and orange) and a rather large boulder to the left. After passing over a hill the red trail comes to another trail intersection before looping back to the right. The unmarked trail ahead turns to the right and eventually comes out to the quarry. We continued following the red blazed trail a little further back uphill to the 1.5 mile mark. To the left is an unmarked trail that goes up to the rim of the quarry. From here you can make your way down to the quarry following the unmarked trail. Although plagued by much graffiti, the quarry is quaint and peaceful. From here we retraced our steps back to the parking area. The temperature reached a sweltering 16° F by the time we were done with the hike.



Trail map can be found at: Spring Lake.


Along The Blue Blazed Trail

Sandy Point – Portsmouth

Sandy Point is a small public beach on the Sakonnet River. It is free to residents, but there is a fee for non-residents. Being off-season and nearly 65 degrees, I thought I would stop and check it out. The beach has two very distinctive sections. The northerly facing part of the beach is sandy and used for swimming. The eastern facing beach is very rocky. Though a short walk, there are sweeping views of the Sakonnet River. To the south you can see the Sakonnet Point lighthouse and to the north Fall River. Across the river is Fogland Beach on the Tiverton/Little Compton line.


The Boardwalk To The Beach

Albro Woods – Middletown


Albro Woods is a small property just off of East Main Road. The trail is a short loop that follows the perimeter of the property as well as a trail that cuts across the property. The trails at Albro Woods are just about a half mile in distance, however they connect to the longer network of trails that are part of the Sakonnet Greenway. You could easily add several miles to this walk by doing the Middletown Loop Trails. Albro Woods is a good starter walk and for younger kids. Dogs are welcomed but must be leashed.


Albro Woods

Conanicut Island Sanctuary – Jamestown

This lesser known property consists of a short loop trail and connector that features a few boardwalks. The trail can be a little muddy in spots and is a little root bound, so do watch your footing. There are three observation areas that overlook Marsh Meadows, a large salt cove. The first is an area with a sitting bench, the other two are raised observation decks. Many birds here have been seen including egrets, herons, sandpipers, ospreys, and ibis. Needless to say this spot for birdwatchers and photographers. Across the salt marsh is a farm and it is not uncommon to hear the mooing of cows. The property also features stone walls and a grove of white birch. Parking is on Conanicus Ave just north of the golf course with parking for 2-3 cars.  This is a great property!


Trail Marker And Stone Wall

Godena Farm – Jamestown


This Conanicut Island Land Trust property in the north central part of Jamestown is a large open field with old farm equipment and stone structures. The once active produce farm is now being used for plantings of native trees and shrubs, many with berries to attract birds. Several birdhouses are here as well and there is an effort to build nesting boxes for the eastern bluebirds who have made Godena their home. The walk here is along grass mowed paths throughout the property and there is signage explaining the history and plans of this property. Also, snowshoeing has been encouraged here the last couple of winters.


Godena Farm