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Lincoln Woods – Norton


Lincoln Woods. Most Rhode Islanders know Lincoln Woods for it’s beach, trails, and it’s convenience being just north of Providence. That, however, is the Lincoln Woods in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Most people do not know of Lincoln Woods in Norton. It is a small property wedged between Interstate 495 and King Phillip Road. The is a small red triangle blazed loop trail at the front part near the parking area. There is also a green dot blazed trail that runs northerly to the adjacent Water Department property. We explored the entire property. At the end of the green trail there is a fire hydrant at a paper street. If you were to turn right there it would lead you back to King Phillip Road. If you were to turn left it would lead further off the property. We opted to turn around and retrace our steps exploring some short side trails to ponds. The ponds were rather shallow, almost non-existent at the time of this hike due to the lack of rain.


Trail map can be found at: Lincoln Woods. (scroll down after clicking link)

Along The Green Trail

Along The Green Trail