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Wanskuck Park – Providence


I went out this rather warm but damp January morning in exploration mode. I had a list of parks in the Providence area that were to have walking paths. My first two stops in Central Falls and North Providence I found were not worth blogging about. Stop number three was Wanskuck Park in Providence. Much to my surprise, this was a nice little park for a walk. The loop is a little over a half mile long. I started at the entrance gates and followed the main path through a large grass area with many large old trees. Just after the “brick stairs” a narrower path shoots off to the right. I followed this path (around a fallen tree) and pass an old chain link fence before the path widens again. The path veers to the right through a wooded area for a bit. At this point you are close to Route 146 and you can here the traffic. The path then continues out of the wooded area back to the entrance gate. I came across several people walking dogs here.

I did not find a trail map on-line.

Path at Wanskuck

Path at Wanskuck