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Tom Wood Road – Foster

  • Tom Wood Road
  • Shippee Schoolhouse Road, Foster, RI
  • Trailhead: 41°49’11.77″N, 71°47’20.01″W
  • Last Time Hiked: August 5, 2015
  • Approximate distance hiked: 3.1 miles
  • Easy with slight elevation.

This wide, one and a half mile, cart path is also part of the blue blazed North South Trail that runs from Shippee Schoolhouse Road to the back of Shady Acres Restaurant on Route 6. Starting along the road I first passed a small field on the right before coming to a pond with lily pads and wild flowers on the left. Opposite the pond is the ruins of an old mill site. Soon the cart path turns to the left while the North South Trail follows a narrower trail straight ahead. I stayed to the left following the cart path. At this point I was on Sainio Property owned by the Foster Land Trust. The trail splits again and I stayed to the right as the cart path runs parallel to the North South Trail. Here there is a rather impressive stone wall, the Summer Sweet was exceptionally fragrant, and there were several birds and butterflies. The trail is a little root bound and rocky in some areas as it slowly climbed uphill just a bit. Soon the North South Trail rejoins the cart path and the remainder of the walk follows the blue blazes. There are several trails that bear off. The ones to the right all are onto private property. Most of it is posted with no trespassing signs. With the exception of a small section about midway and another section towards the end, the properties to the left are the Sainio and Schneider Properties owned by the Foster Land Trust. There are no blazed trails on those properties and most of the discernible trails lead off to private property. After reaching the end of the trail at Shady Acres I turned around and retraced my steps making for a hike just over 3 miles.

I did not find a trail map for the walk.