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Oakland Beach – Warwick


This beach at the tip of a peninsula overlooks Narragansett Bay. From here you see both the Newport Bridge and Jamestown Bridge. Sailboats and cabin cruisers are also a normal sight from here. The beach, and immediate area, is also usually quite busy. There are a few very popular restaurants just by the park and beach as well. One can get just about a mile of walking by following the beach to the extreme eastern edge of the park by the boat ramp, then back following the walking path pass the gazebo through the park, then following the wooden boardwalk and eventually the bike path to its western terminus at Strand Avenue… and then back.


Boardwalk and Beach


Meadow View Bike Path – Warwick

This short bike path connects two neighborhoods on Warwick Neck. The paved bike path was once part of a street that the city of Warwick closed. There are two wooded parcels on each side of the bike path that have short spur trails. The trees and shrubs make for good bird watching.


Along The Bike Path

Tirocchi Field – Warwick

  • Father Achille Tirocchi Field/East Natick Riverwalk
  • Sue Street, Warwick, RI
  • Trailhead: 41°43’22.67″N, 71°29’7.39″W
  • Last Time Hiked: February 27, 2016
  • Approximate distance hiked: 0.5 miles
  • Easy.


This small park nestled in the East Natick part of Warwick abuts the Washington Secondary Bike Path. The park consists of a walking path, ball field, playground, and basketball court. The back end of the property is wooded and a trail and boardwalk leads to the shore of the Pawtuxet River. There is also a canoe put-in site here. There is access to the bike path from this park if you would like to add a little distance to your walk.


Pawtuxet River

Winslow Park – Warwick


One of the newest parks in Warwick, and it certainly makes for an unique walk. The park is home to the Warwick Firefighters Soccer Club as well as the Little League. There is a stone dust walking trail that weaves around the fields. The entire circuit of paths is less than a mile. The unique part of this walk, is it borders the airport. Planes are landing and taking off while you are walking.


Path at Winslow Park

Conimicut Point – Warwick

Conimicut Point is where Narragansett Bay officially ends and the Providence River begins. On the point is a city park with a few walking paths, a small beach on each side, and the point juts out into the water offering sweeping views in all directions. The south facing beach offers views of Patience and Prudence Island and the north facing views offers views of the Providence skyline. To the east is the Conimicut Lighthouse. At the moment there are plans to renovate the lighthouse. If this happens it will likely become much like the Borden Flats Light in Fall River where you can stay overnight as a guest. There is a rather long sandbar here. Do not attempt going on to it. Several people have lost their lives here after being taken by the strong undertow.


Conimicut Point

Salter Grove – Warwick

Pack a picnic, bring a blanket, and soak up the sun in the small grass field. Salter Grove offers a very short loop trail with a couple spur trails that lead to the shore. Though very small in size I have always found the park bustling with activity. The breakwater and jetty here are usually a haven for anglers and fishermen. (I only included the actual trails and did not include the jetty in the distance for this walk.) The short trail would be ideal for very young hikers as they may enjoy a visit to the playground that is here after their hike.

I did not find a trail map on-line.

Along The Short Loop Trail At Slater Grove.

Along The Short Loop Trail At Salter Grove.

Gaspee Point – Warwick

A sandbar along the Warwick coastline is where the HMS Gaspee ran around on June 9, 1772. That night it was burned by local citizens in one of the first events leading to the American Revolution. The point is about midway between Conimicut Point to the south and Pawtuxet Village to the north. There is a small parking area at Lane 6 with a gated entrance. A paved road that turns to grass leads down towards the beach. The point is just to the left. A walk along the entire beach here at the point is just about a mile and a half. Be sure not to wander onto the sandbar as there are strong rip currents here. At the time of my visit many locals were at the beach sunbathing and a kayaker had stopped for a visit. From the point you can see the Providence skyline and the Port of Providence to the north, to the east is the Barrington coastline, and to the south is Conimicut Point and its lighthouse.

I did not find a trail map on-line.

Kayak On The Point.

Kayak On The Point.