Trails And Walks In Rhode Island

Occasionally I lead hikes for groups or join groups for hikes!!

Plans are being made with several organizations for the 2019 calendar!!

Trails and Walks in Rhode Island will be teaming up with the Blackstone Heritage Corridor, The Rhode Island Land Trust Council, and the Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission in 2019 for several local hikes.









EVENT: Hunts Mills
DATE: December 9, 2018 – 1:30 P.M.
TOWN: East Providence
DISTANCE: 1 miles +/-
MEETING LOCATION: Hunts Mills Road (41.828174, -71.345902)



Hike Info:
All hikes are “Show and Go”. There is no need to sign up for the hike. You must arrive 5 minutes (or earlier) before the scheduled hike time. The hike will start promptly at the scheduled time. Please keep in mind that some hikes can be strenuous. Please do not sign up for a hike that you don’t think that you can physically do. Dogs are allowed and must be leashed. In the event of foul weather the hike leader will decide if the hike will be canceled or postponed and will post an update on this page. Please check this page prior to leaving for the hike to see if it has been canceled or postponed.

Liability Waiver:
As a condition of your voluntary participation in this activity you acknowledge and agree to the following: this activity involves inherent risks that can cause property damage, injury, illness, disability, and/or death to participants and/or others; you assume all risk associated with this activity; you are responsible for having the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, clothing, and equipment to safely participate in this activity; the leader(s) of this activity are volunteers; and you for yourself, your heirs, executors, and administrators release, hold harmless, and indemnify the leader(s) and all members of this group from any and all claims for property damage, injury, illness, disability, and/or death – including those caused by negligence and/or other reasons.

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