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Borders Farm – Foster


Not for sale – This quaint farm in central Foster has been in the Borders Family since 1923. Two years later Charles Borders was born here on the farm. He lived here all of his life passing away in 2013. In his later years, Charles and his wife Margery, made plans to make sure that this farm would not be sold for any future development. Today Borders Farm is preserved as a working farm by Borders Farm Preservation, Inc. The property includes the old farmhouse that was built in 1849, as well as a barn. There are several fields with vegetable gardens and hay. The property is on both sides of North Road and there is also a significant amount of wooded area. In recent years a trail system has been developed here by Troop 2 of East Greenwich. Starting from a small grass parking area at the farmhouse follow North Road west passing the next house (number 38). Along the way you will pass a few stone walls and old farm fences. After passing the house you want to turn right at the second path. When you get to the open field stay to the right and follow the perimeter of the field. You will notice red blazes on the trees. Following the blazes will lead you around two fields and a small pond before exiting back out on North Road. Turning left onto the road, you will walk several hundred feet before you turn right onto a trail that follows the edge of a fenced animal pen. The trail is still red blazed and will lead you pass and through more farm fields, a spring, and a large wooded area. There are some benches along the way if you choose to take a break. The trail leads you back to the road where you turn right and retrace your steps back to the farm house. The trails are open to the public year round, but the farmhouse and barn (future museum) are only open once a month. Check their website for more information. There are also more trails on the property and they may be developed in the future, including a spur trail to connect out to Balcom Road, where the North South Trail passes the farm.