Deerfield Park – Smithfield

Deerfield Park has a little of everything. It is used mostly for its athletic fields. It is also where the Smithfield Senior Center is located. I started this walk from the second parking lot by the playground. Directly across the street is a walking path flanked by rail fences. It leads away from the road and into the woods. The path turns into a trail which eventually comes out to a ball field behind the Gallagher Middle School. From here I stayed to the right keeping the woods to my right and made my way to the front of the school. At the front of the school I turned right and crossed the pedestrian bridge to the Smithfield High School property. Again I turned right keeping the woods to my right and continued walking behind the High School and to another ball field. I soon found another walking path on the right that would cross the Stillwater River and lead back to Deerfield Park. The walk so far is just under a mile. From here I crossed the street again and went right following the walking path, passing the playground, and eventually coming to a side street. At the side street I turned left toward the soccer fields. Across from the soccer fields is the entrance to another short set of trails named for R. Bruce Ewart. The trail soon comes to an opening. Ahead the trail leads to a residential neighborhood. I followed the trail to the right which led me to the Senior Center. From here I followed the road to the right back towards the car passing the Smithfield Veterans Memorial.

I did not find a trail map on-line.

Walking Path Between Deerfield Park And The High School

Walking Path Between Deerfield Park And The High School

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