Meadowbrook Trail – Richmond

The Meadowbrook Trail runs just to the west of Meadow Brook in Richmond. It starts at the end of Meadowbrook Road and continues into the Carolina Management Area. For this hike I decided to follow about two thirds of the trail and add a short loop at the southern end of the hike. Most of this hike follows the blue blazes of the North South Trail as well. Starting at the cul-de-sac at Meadowbrook Road I started following the blue blazed trail as it first followed a driveway. To the left are stables with a few horses and to the right is hole 5 of a golf course. Both are private property. The blazes soon lead to a trail ahead. The trail is about a half mile long, meanders through tall trees, and heads southerly towards Kenyon Hill Trail. Next I crossed the paved road and continued straight along a dirt road. Along this stretch are some open fields and a few homes. Here I met one of the residents of the stable I passed earlier, a beautiful 13 year old horse out for a summer stroll. Continuing to follow the blue blazes I soon passed an old grader and then was into the northern section of the Carolina Management Area. At the next intersection I turned right onto the unblazed Gardner Trail. This area offer some glimpses of ledges and stone walls. At the next intersection I turned left onto the Jerue Trail, also unblazed. The trail slowly winds downhill and ends at the blue blazed Meadowbrook Trail. Here I would turn left and follow the blue blazes of the North South back to the cul-de-sac. (If you want to take a peek at Meadow Brook, turn right here, then left a few feet ahead. Follow that short trail to the brook). You could easily add more distance to this hike by exploring the trails of Carolina both north and south of Pine Hill Road. Along this hike I came across, frogs, toads, and several birds including hawks. Keep in mind that the management area is open to hunting.

Trail map can be found at: Meadowbrook Trail.

Horseback Riding On A Summer Day.

Horseback Riding On A Summer Day.

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