Whale Rock – Narragansett

  • Whale Rock Preserve
  • Harvey Lane, Narragansett, RI
  • Trailhead: 41°26’57.61″N, 71°26’32.17″W
  • First Time Hiked: March 15, 2014
  • Last Time Hiked: July 21, 2018
  • Approximate distance hiked: 1.7 miles
  • Easy.

Opened in December 2013, Whale Rock Preserve is one of Rhode Islands nicest trails.  The trail starts from the parking area just under the “33 Harvey Lane” sign at the end of Old Boston Neck Road. The first part of the walk follows a dirt driveway past a private residence before continuing past a gate into a grassy area. Note the field to the right with several birdhouses. After the grassy area the trail heads into an area of tall shrubs and trees and has several sections of boardwalks. An abundance of birds and an occassional rabbit is quite common along this stretch. The trail then comes out to an open area that runs along a chain link fence. The other side of the fence is Camp Varnum, a Rhode Island National Guard facility. The trail at this point actually lies on Camp Varnum’s property. Do note that in the spring this section can be muddy. The trail then approaches the lower part of Narragansett Bay at where the West Passage meets the Atlantic Ocean. From here you can see the remnants of the Whale Rock Lighthouse that was destroyed by the 1938 hurricane. You can also see the Beavertail Lighthouse across the passage. There is access to the rocks here, but do be careful. The trail continues about another third of a mile following the coast line just outside the fence of Camp Varnum before reaching a small beach at the terminus of the trail. The views are quite spectacular here, especially in the summer months when the bay is full of boats and the coastal wildflowers are in bloom inviting butterflies and bees.

Whale Rock Trail Map below.


Remnants of the Whale Rock Lighthouse

Up Close And Personal

Up Close And Personal

Trail Map

Trail Map

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