Howard Conservation Area – Warwick/Cranston

This trail, which lies on a former railroad bed, is wedged between an industrial area and the Pawtuxet River. It is a short out and back walk on a grassy path that is surrounded by shrubs and some wildflowers. It is a haven for birds in an area that lacks open space. Although the parking area is in Warwick, the walk itself is almost entirely in Cranston. It first passes a cemetery that is the final resting place for people who were in the State Institutions. It then follows the former railroad bed and a set of power lines for about 0.4 miles. It ends near the industrial area on Ross Simons Drive. After returning to the cemetery I found a spur trail leads from the corner of the cemetery to the river.

I did not find a map on-line.

Once A Railroad In An Industrial Area Is Now A Trail.

Once A Railroad In An Industrial Area Is Now A Trail.

    • tomro
    • October 3rd, 2015

    The cemetery are bodies of unclaimed prisoners and IMH patients that my grandfather supervised minimum security prisoners to bury when they died in state care because the family never claimed them

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